Monday, August 29, 2011

Caring for Babies in the Wild

Who needs a stroller when you've got strong arms to carry?

Is this adjusted well?

Let's make sure this is secure.

We don't want her to fall out!

Picking wild raspberries!

Look!  Wild raspberry coffee!
Last week, us girls went for a walk in the wild.  We took our friends from Washington down to the, "Loop-de-loops," as the children have aptly named the bike path located near the end of our gravel road.  Before we left for the hike, all the girls adjusted and readjusted their baby dolls to make sure they were comfortable.  They had run full speed down the road and back before we left and decided it was very hard to do with a baby in tow.  They were laughing and giggling and having a great time. 

We found a patch of wild raspberries and picked to our hearts content.  If you look close in the above picture you will see a raspberry floating in my friends cup!  It dropped in by accident.  My friend was getting ready to take a sweet picture of my little girl sharing her berries with baby brother when suddenly his little hand shot out and grabbed a fist full of her hair instead!  She caught the blurred image on her camera and we had a good laugh!

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