Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Schoolhouse Happenings

 Things other than paint have been stirring in "The Ole Orchard Schoolhouse...."
Wrapping up a grammar/writing class in time for summer break...
 We've had several families join in a weekly class here.  Taught by a wonderful and dear friend, my children have learned a lot and I've been so encouraged to see their growth.  With my kids permission, I'd like to post some of their work.
Enjoying a new found Malaysian friend the same age as you are...
 We had a wonderful celebration last Sunday with our friends from Malaysia.  Their families flew over to witness them graduate from Linfield College.  Our children thoroughly enjoyed the cross cultural experience and look forward to life long friendships with these families.
Mom and Linfield Graduate Daughter enjoying an after grad celebration...

Enjoying our friends and family

Celebrating our little one's 1st Birthday!

Celebrating with our Linfield College Graduate "Friendship Student"
Mom's celebrating together a momentous occasion for both of us..
It was a very memorable day for me on so many get to meet the Mother and brother of our Malaysian friend was such an honor, as well as his girlfriends parents.  We spent the afternoon and evening visiting, eating, playing games, shooting a B-bee gun, roasting a marshmallow over an open fire and just sharing our lives with one another.  Celebrating life and enjoying these "firsts" together was so much fun for everyone and a real honor for us. 

As I celebrated the 1st birthday of my baby son, our honored Mother guest celebrated her eldest son's graduation.  We watched, together, our American and Malaysian 17 year old sons enjoy one another's company; laughing and talking and playing games.  It was all such a beautiful mix of love and laughter and new found friendships. 

The world really isn't such a big place.  Smiles and respect.  Words of encouragement and peace can span any ocean, any language and any soul. 

We are so thankful for the people that God brings into our lives.  We are so thankful to have an old schoolhouse and gym in which to celebrate birthdays and graduations and classes and sports nights and social gatherings.