Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Childhood TreeHouse Remains!

The ole fort!
A few weeks ago I was given the honor of viewing the property and home of my childhood.  I was excited to see our old fort still perched up in the old oak tree.  Even that rope ladder that was so difficult to climb still hung as testament to the challenges of life and growing up! 

I suppose as I think and muse over my life, this photo of our fort that we built and created approx. 30 years ago, captures the beauty of life, even as it's ending.  Everything is given to rot, decay, disease, and old age.  But not everything will die. 

God has created within us, a living breathing soul that will live throughout an eternity.  Earth is just a passing phase and so brief at that.  As I stood looking at the old fort standing as witness to many a good fight so many years ago, I couldn't help but feel proud of my parents for raising us the way they did.  They certainly gave us a lot of freedom to roam but introduced to Jesus Christ.  They had recently come themselves and they taught us what they were learning.  It was discipleship at it's earliest stage.

As we all walk the road of life together, we've experienced brokenness on some level in some way.  We may be tired, we may be healing, we may be experiencing great victories or suffering defeat.  Life is made of ups and downs and we shouldn't expect anything other. 

Yet though it all, we are in reality victors.  Victors over sin, death, bitterness, and strife.  We may not look successful to the world but we are called His own beloved and precious, bought with His blood. 

We are filled with memories, laughter, love, mercy, kindness, and forgiveness.  We are filled to the brim with joy and peace that surpasses understanding.  We are at rest deep within our souls, knowing God hold's our future and that for an eternity with Him.

Though the outward man is wasting away, the inner man is being renewed day by day.  Press on Mama's and Daddy's everywhere.  You are building eternity in the hearts of your young as you introduce them to Jesus.  Every other pursuit in life will pale in comparison to the pursuit of your Savior.  I'm so glad my parents left their dreams in the dust and pursued their Master, Savior, Lord and King. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Celebrate Life

Have you ever lost momentum....didn't blog for....oh I don't know, like 4 months?  That would be me.  So it's catch up time....what have we been doing?  Um....probably a lot of face book instead, which I have to admit can be good and bad.  It's a little distracting....OK a lot distracting.  I'm trying to get some momentum here, it's Good Friday, after all, which really is good in the long run, but not so good a few thousand years ago......

Our flowers out front, boldly defying gravity...

It was the smell of spikenard, wafting up to the nostrils of a dying man.  He hung gasping for his last few breaths.  His body ached.  He was numb, bruised and bleeding.  Perhaps he passed in and out of consciousness, somewhat aware of his surroundings in those last few moments.  All his friends and family had deserted Him.  Those who just days before rejoiced at his coming, now cowered in the shadows.  No one would claim Him. 

But the smell....the expensive oil must have still been clinging to the skin of his feet and the hair of his head.  Perhaps He found comfort in this.  It was the last recorded act of a woman giving her all to worship her Savior.  He spoke up on her behalf and said the work she did was good, not to be despised.  The disciples were indignant....what a waste in their opinion. 

What work, woman, this Easter do you give your all too?  Have you dared break your most precious vile of oil over the Master's feet? 

How many times, Lord, must I break, how much do you want of my heart and life?  All?  Every last drop?  Yes, it is finished, take it all, the work is done. 

I am alive!  Yes, so truly alive in a way I never knew existed.  Oh, but the joys of releasing all and gaining back what is really life.  Free to love, forgive and be everything you ever created me to be....walking in your precious grace day to day.  What victory, what gain, having lost it all, yielding my heart to your will, watching your plan unfold.

Having lost some momentum I've gained insight to your mighty power at work in the lives of those around me, I worship you this Easter just as I am, as you made me to be....whole, complete and forgiven.

Had you asked me years ago when I chose the name, team Gerhardt, for this blog, I never would've guessed that God had an actual gym in store for us years down the road.  What I thought was a random idea, seems prophetic in a way now, looking back...I suppose you could argue random chance or coincidence but I'd rather believe that there really is a God who loves, cares, and created you with a specific life purpose to live out for His glory.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day Celebration in our Pajamas

Are we done yet?
All 8 of us, aged 18 months, to 41 years gathered around our tiny computer screen to watch the swearing in of our new President Trump today, live!  It was so exciting to see and hear the speeches and listen to the historical excerpts being read, including the Bible.  The prayers and singing were beautiful.

We entered into discussion about the honor and privilege we've been born into here in America.  We are so thankful once again to our armed forces and police for their protection and the freedoms they have fought and won for us.  We are excited to support our new leader.  May we constantly be in prayer over the direction of our country and the steps it will take.  May it be done in such a way as to bring glory to God.

We are so thankful to have watched this momentous occasion in the comfort of our own home, in our pajamas of all things!  As I put my arms around my children this morning I had a lump in my throat, realizing that they, someday, will be the next leaders of my beautiful and dear country, AMERICA.  They may not hold political positions of leadership but most likely will be parents and in authority and leadership from that perspective.

From my perspective as their Mother, I am again reminded of my importance in their lives and therefore, the future of my country.  We need to raise our children up to love one another, love the Lord their God, and set the standard for nations to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers.  What a serious and honorable position of Motherhood.  May God grant all Mothers and Fathers the strength to rise up and lead their families in truth as we progress forward in the world.

I suppose the highest standard we will ever wave in the sky will be the banner of love.  It will never fail.  America press on!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year Challenge

Bringing in the New Year with a BANG
Happy New Year everyone....I suggest not making any new resolutions, you'll just forget about it anyway and then be discouraged that you were never able to live up to your own expectations.

Instead, I challenge you to get rid of anything that continually trips you up and entangles you in sin.  Press on towards the high calling and finish line, looking to the author and finisher of your faith....sound familiar?

It will not only encourage you, inspire you, build you up and make you a success, you'll live forever while doing it, make new friends, learn to love your enemies, doing good to all those that surround you.  What more could you want for the New Year?

Oh, but it's not about you.....I know, I know, we hear it all the time but it's a passing smokescreen covering up your emptiness and real need for a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

How is that possible?  How do you have a real relationship with the God of the Universe?  It's been started for you already in His heart...He is the person of Jesus Christ: His work already finished...death on the cross, His proof of identity...being raised from the dead,  His is the power and kingdom and dominion forever, AMEN.

Trust Him at His word.  He loves you.  He's reached out to you in the form of His very own Son, will you call on Him today?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oregon Colleges were Once Christian

Oregon Colleges started out by Christians and for Christians

Follow the link above and be amazed.  We've come so far away from what our Christian forefathers had in mind....we can put our heads in the sand and try to forget about it, or begin to read for ourselves our past history as a nation and country.  I hope that our new President and the new Year in which he rises to leadership will bring us back to the bedrock of truth....a foundation that our ancestors once believed in.  Happy New Year Everyone!

I've heard it before; most colleges and universities were started and run by Christians.  Now I've read about it in the above link and it hits close to home....

Christmas 2016
We are eagerly anticipating using this old schoolhouse built in 1906, and it's connecting gymnasium built in 1931, for private parties and events in the coming new year.  We see a real need to reconnect the generations and learn from one another...some of the best ways to learn are through storytelling, hands-on activities, talking to real live people who attended school here, reading old books written 100 + years ago....attending museums, chatting with those who have lived through many wars and hard times.

No, we're not official yet.  This has been a new vision in the we didn't dream that has been growing since we've lived in this place over a year.  Yes, a year is along time for some of us.:)

We hope to share with you as the vision grows and takes on a more structured form in the coming months ahead.