Monday, August 29, 2011

Four Wheeler Adventure

Taking it for a test ride...
Some more testing and fixing...
Working together

Helping hands, a mix of boy and man...
When our friends were here from Washington, the Daddy spent a whole day working with our son on restoring this four wheeler to working condition.  He also gave a great science lesson on combustion and how an engine works.  We couldn't hardly believe that they got this machine to work!  Someone had brought it over as a project for our son to work on and he'd been looking forward to this visit and working with his best friends Dad on this very project.  He was one happy boy to have spent precious time in this way!

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  1. What a blessing to have someone teach you about motors! Grandma still knows next to nothing about them except how to stand by Grandpa and hand him tools. It always reminds me of working in surgery years ago--handing instruments to the Dr. Maybe my Grandson will give his Grandma a lesson about how motors work"in simple terms". Ha Ha You know Grandma!