Saturday, August 6, 2011

Confused Chicken

I wonder where my egg will land IF I ever start laying!

Mama hen caring for her pet.

This looks like a good spot...

Better yet, under a Birch tree.
This chicken can't make up her mind about where she wants to nest.  She hasn't laid one egg yet but has consumed many a bag of corn already.  This little nest under the birch tree was originally dug out and designed by hound dog!  She adapted to it, all the while, feasting on big black ants whose nest had been disturbed.  I have no idea how ants survive the Winter's up here!   Please note that I use the word adapted in the correct way in which it should be used.  Adaption refers to the same species learning to survive their elements in a different way.  Adaption never has produced a new species, by the way.  Just in case anyone was getting confused about that....

Another thought on confusion:  I feel like this mama hen sometimes... does any other woman?  Where should I sit, what should I do, how do I teach my kids, what do I teach my kids, where do I go, this place looks good, look at all the ants, it's got quick coffee, lots of shopping, great deals, but where do I lay my egg?  In the dirt?  Someone will snatch it away.  How about out in the country?  Surely I'll be safe there?  No, there's wild animals, and they've already killed off 9/10th's of my relatives!  There is no safe place.  We fight against the elements every day, most of which include our own selfishness.  Back to the wheelbarrow roost, at least it was above the ground!  Maybe this post makes no sense.  Perhaps it will to those who question why they do the things they do and is it good for them or the people around them.  AND if it is not good, will they change?  

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