Monday, August 1, 2011

Baseball in the Last Frontier

Look at the determination!  This is our heavy hitter!

Do I have the right end up?

Quick break to run the hound...

Back to business:  keep your eye on the ball...

Swing brother, swing!

Hee  hee, I hit it!

Hee Hee I haven't sprained my ankle yet!
We played ball on our front lawn.... no, not lawn, maybe yard would better explain the playing field.  Covered in dips, divots, roots from the ever pervasive willows and alders trying to pop up, and perma frost heaves and sink holes.... we had a great time!  We laughed so hard when the dog chewed one of our bases and people tripping over everything and diving into the bushes for the ball and chasing escapees such as the baby and the hound dog.  We were dive bombed by the occasional mosquitoes and a couple of gigantic dragonflies in hot pursuit.  Thankfully someone remembered to scout for land mines, also known as dog poo piles.  We had a great game and it only ended because the dinner hour had arrived.  The moments slip away with time, but the good feelings of relating together as a family remain.

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  1. Playing together as a family has such warm memories. Continue to take time for each other!