Friday, August 26, 2011

Remodeling Teamwork with Friends

Don't look at the scaffolding, it made me nervous!

Three men bonded together in Christ, working as a team, can get a lot done!

One boy, also walking with Christ, can get a lot done!

Stopping for some directions...

I fit into these boots!  Let me help too!
I couldn't believe the amount of work these guys got done in this bathroom!  The water was shut off for a day and by late evening they had the tub level on the floor with our first real shower installed!  All the plumbing in the walls and flooring was done.  The hot water tank and pressure tank and pump were relocated as well as the shut off valve. 

It's all a bit of a blur because all the days sort of melded into one but they even put a beautiful picture window in the outside wall that lets in a lot of extra light.

For those of you that appreciate thinking outside the box, the shower walls are temporary, consisting of stapled plastic and a bit of shower wall cut for stability around the lower part!  Such ingenuity!  This weekend we will continue working on finishing the shower.  Our friends are gone, but left us with renewed strength and vision to press on!

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  1. A project done together In Christ and with family & friends will always be warmly remembered by all.