Saturday, August 13, 2011

University of Alaska's Museum

Look at these beautiful blooming flowers!
A monument to the Alaskan outhouse, complete with a blue Styrofoam toilet seat.

An Alaskan brown bear: 8 feet, 9 inches tall!

Wild swans in Alaska!

Feeling some polar bear fur...

Fish trap!
I took this picture for my younger brother, Rainy, because he built a fish trap when we were kids.  It reminded me of how much fun we had down by the creek swimming, fishing, or snapping green beans in the heat of the summer.  One of the funniest memories of that creek is when my Dad threw a crawdad towards my Mom as a joke to watch her jump.  AND did she ever because somehow the creature held on with its pincher claws and was dangling and flipping on her leg.  I believe it attached itself to her red neck swim wear at the time... ha ha ha   I am laughing now.
Handmade boots!  This is all bead work.  There are many pieces of clothing and moccasins done in this way.

Looking at a bag made from fish skin...

Baby's first elevator ride!  Daddy taking a photo towards the mirrored ceiling.
We had a great time visiting this Museum.  We have a family pass and if you ever come and visit us, we will take you here.  They have dinosaur bones and mastodon teeth and a woolly mammoth skin.  There's evidence that Alaska was once a very nice warm place with North American lions even!  I'm thinking there was a catastrophic event, such as a global, world wide flood that destroyed the nice warm weather here that used to be.... 

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  1. Oh, my, I laughed and laughed as I vividly recalled the "crawdad incident" in my "redneck swim wear" Ha ha! We do have such good memories of our time in the creek, down in the enormous garden. You kept us young in heart and you still do! Thankyou for the memories!