Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Coop Building Part II

What a nice chicken you are, let me pet you...

Can we bring it in, please?

Big sister takes all my fun away!
A few minutes ago someone opened this window up and little sister stuck her hand out to pet our lone chicken.  The hen's new roost is now the back of a camp chair.  A few minutes later, the dog came tearing through the open door and ran around several times on our almost white living room carpet with muddy paws! 

We just noticed that the old stove pipe is leaking this morning in two places:  upstairs in the kids bedroom and downstairs in what is supposed to have been the bathroom.  It's a good thing we have friends coming to visit from Oregon and from Washington.  Lord knows we need it about now!

If I had any energy left today I'd probably sit down and have a good bawl put I need to conserve my energy for something more creative like figuring out how to fix the stove pipe issue and how to keep five children occupied during week after week of rain... WAIT!!!  I see a patch of blue sky, there is hope!!!  We have had rainless moments through out some of the days these past few weeks, but it hasn't been many...

Yesterday, the children finished the building of the redneck chicken coop... except it didn't contain the chicken like we'd hope as you can see from the above pictures.
Look to the right of the outhouse to see the leafy branched roof of the chicken coop.
 In the above picture, I am rescuing my baby from taking a hatchet, with the blade protected in a leather sleeve, of course, and giving it back to it's misplaced owner.
Hauling branches we cut away from our power lines yesterday
 to put over the coop today, while typing this TOMORROW?

Look how strong I am!  I can haul big branches too!

So can I!  He's only 18 months old, but knows how to work!
What a blessing to have little ones that like to work!  They are creative and enjoy doing it too!  What a blessing to be able to blog!  It could get out of hand, but I believe it is also keeping me sane and positive!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY in it all!

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  1. And Grandma and Grandpa get Blessed! Oh,I do love these pictures and sharing from your lives so far away! I'm so glad I read lots of varied books to my children and so glad the LORD gifted you with writing!!!! I love it!