Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Build a Redneck Chicken Coop

First, find a great location, near the summer outhouse...

Next, enlist some great help...

Add a great boss...
 We've all decided that the free range chicken may no longer freely range.  We've had it with the only by product it leaves behind, which by the way, is not an egg.  We're beginning to think we might have a rooster except that it doesn't crow.  If it doesn't start laying some eggs soon, it will be chicken stew!

The older children and I cut and slashed some spindly trees to make a roof like structure over the existing chicken fence.  We are hoping the chicken will not be able to fly out from under the triangular shaped roof.  It's an experiment.  Surely we could get some credits for geometry or something!
This machete is really sharp!

Look, mom, one slash took this branch right off!

Put that hatchet DOWN!

That's better, right on the target!

What an Alaskan girl she's turning out to be...

Except for the sour berry she just ate...

It was REALLY REALLY sour!

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  1. Oh,you all make us laugh! Dad says if you clip one side of the chicken's wing; it won't be able to fly.