Friday, September 2, 2011

Digging Our First Potatoes!

Look at the size of this one!

How do potatoes grow anyway?

This one is the biggest!

Look at my bucket full of potatoes:  I'm a hard working boy!

I think these potatoes need a little extra dirt...

We harvested our first potatoes a couple days ago.  There were squeals of delight every time some one discovered a little pink showing through the dark brown dirt.  If you didn't know it, you'd think they were seeing gold nuggets! 

How do potatoes grow?  I asked this question of my three year old and she said, "I don't know.  Maybe Daddy knows."  I then took the opportunity for a mini science lesson.  She had seen the old dead rotten potato left in the soil from when we had been digging.  We talked about the new potatoes growing from the old potato along with some sunshine and rain.  I then emphasized how a potato never makes anything else but a potato!  I believe teaching creationism even at the level of a three year old can be fun and quick and a delight to all who listen. 

The conversation is still continuing as I sit here and type.  My little girl tells me all about the seeds that God planted in the first garden and how they grew and about Him making ladybugs and then putting them gently on the new plants he made.  She doesn't understand the sequence of the six days of creation but even she knows that you have to have plants before you can have insects! 

How could things possibly know when to evolve all at the right second to produce everything all at once in perfect balance that we know exists in creation?  I've asked this question of scientists and they usually tell me I just don't understand the process of evolution which happens over a long period of time.  They tell me to read books like "The Origin of Species," and "The Blind Watchmaker."

Having read and taken notes as I read these books, I find such amazing claims that are not even logical.  Christians have nothing to fear.  The only fear a Christian should consider having is what God will ask them when they stand before His throne.  Have they bothered to teach their children what the deception is that evolution creates in place of truth? 

In case anyone has not considered what that deception is.... There's no time like the present to learn.... It is that nothing has purpose other than what it accidentally came to be;  merely by time, chance, or environment.  We wonder at all the depression and suicide and drug use... what's the point.... nothing matters anyway... I'm just here by a random collision of cells.....

I'd better stop rambling now, see what digging potatoes in Alaskan soil can do?

If there is anyone reading this that would like to know more about this subject, go to   They have awesome material to combat evolutionary thinking and you can even set your homepage to theirs and get a daily devotional. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures and wonderful sharing of the Truth of God's creation! Isn't it really awe inspiring how the LORD has taught us through His WORD and then shows us visuals through His creation and Blesses us through our children's thirst for knowledge of truth!