Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caribou in the Yukon

Quick, the ice is cracking!!

You're on my turf

No, really it's my road

How come these yellow lines aren't coming off?  They sure taste good!
We saw this herd of seven caribou when we passed through the Yukon Territory in Canada.  They like to lick the salt off the roads.  For some reason this one really liked the center line!  These caribou look quite a lot different than the ones up here around Fairbanks.  They are fun to observe because they don't scamper off like deer.  They just mosey along, not really caring that they are being watched.

Friday, April 27, 2012

We're Finally Back in Fairbanks

Cabin Sweet Cabin
 We left for Oregon in March and arrived back home late last Sunday.  All 2 feet of snow had melted except for the places that had slid off the roof in the shade!  The kids were disappointed for a few minutes until reality sunk in:  no more bundling up in heavy coats, hats, snow mitts and boots every time they step outside.  Digging in mud, wadding through deep puddles and creating rivers with drainage ditches was something to get really excited about.  Dirt!  Real brown stuff that isn't frozen anymore!  Real live mosquitoes that buzz around your ears this early in Spring, not something we're too happy about, but hey, it's life! 

Playing in puddles of snow melt
 We celebrated our warm 50 -60 degrees Fahrenheit weather with a weenie roast over a campfire.
Enjoying our first hot dog roast of the season

Blankie doubles as extra smoke protection

 I couldn't resist putting in a few pictures of our afternoon out at our relatives place in Oregon.  The comparison of lush green grass to barren waste land is amazing! 
Playing swords with cousins in Oregon... 

My Uncle and Auntie's farm viewed from the field

Headed for the battle field with swords and shields in hand...
I really like this picture.  It captures 3 generations of people all in a different stage of life, yet all holding a weapon or a shield or both.  According to the Bible, we are in a spiritual battle all the time.  Ephesians talks of the armour of God needed just to have the ability to stand, let alone fight.  The word of God is our sword.  I ask myself, am I ready, walking, and prepared to fight the daily battles that I must face?  Or am I so tired that I just want to sit under the old apple tree to rest awhile so that others can fight on.  I think that sometimes I do both.  As I look at the picture above I realize that even the wee little ones are learning to swing the sword.  Will I be found a faithful teacher?  Will they wield their precious swords carefully?  They copy everything we do and all the times I feel that I've been too tired to teach, I have been teaching all along.  When my children see me fail, they know where I go to get strength, forgiveness, mercy, healing, and unfathomable love.  They see me wielding my sword when I don't even have the strength to lift it.  How powerful God is.  How amazing and wise and merciful that he would gift us with such precious souls in our children.  What amazing lessons we see as we grow and mature with them.  What a wonderful God we have that would call us His own!

P.S.  My daughter is wearing a heart monitor for one more month to just continue to rule out SVT.  She does have sinus tachycardia and it is not life threatening.  This is a blessing to know, yet also being aware that we need to learn what stresses, whether good or bad, would cause this.  We are glad to have been helped in Oregon with this and really glad to have been able to visit with lots of family and friends.  So much good has come about by this trip it would take so long to blog about it.  Over time, I hope to share all the wonderful things that have come about by this trip.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Have We Been?

Frozen Waterfalls
I am sorry to have disappointed many of you following this blog of family life in Alaska.  We are not in Alaska right now, we have been in Oregon for the past three weeks and are continuing on here for a season.  Our oldest daughter has some arrhythmia problems with her heart.  She is wearing an event monitor to record episodes and under a Pediatric Cardiologist's care.  It is not life threatening, praise God, but is proving to be somewhat of a mystery.  Those of you that would like to contact us, may do so at 907-347-2421.  I won't be doing any more blogging until we get this medical issue taken care of. 

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter today and we appreciate all your prayers as we go through this time of waiting and wondering.  We trust God, although we don't always understand his timing or his ways.  We know He is good and worthy of our trust.  He brought His own Son up from the grave this day almost 2000 years ago and we know He is alive today, working mightily in people's hearts all over this globe.  Praise be to His name this Easter and every day after, forever. 

Whatever the future holds, we know it is all in His precious hands and will happen according to His loving will.  God Bless!