Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Caribou Hunt that Never Was

This handsome caribou is also known as a reindeer...

This handsome boy is also known as my firstborn son...

The mighty hunters
Daddy and his longtime hunting buddy and friend, pictured above with our son, went Caribou hunting one evening.  They took the truck and camper fully stocked with food and supplies and were disappointed to realize the next day that it was illegal to hunt caribou in the area they had driven.  It was a good lesson in honesty for all as they had a beautiful reindeer in their sights and no one would've known had they choose to take its life.  They did the right thing and even though they were really disappointed about it, I know God and He will bless regardless.  I was so impressed with the attitudes of these guys when they came home.  The next day they all pitched in and worked on the cabin bathroom.  Nobody sulked around feeling sorry for themselves.  They did what a man's gotta do and that was some amazing teamwork!  I've got the photos to prove it! They read the hunting regulations and studied the map and even called the fish and game to make sure they were in the right season and place.  It was so complicated that even the gov't workers had the wrong impression and they refunded our friends money.  I hope everyone comes again next year to try it all again and come back with a trophy Caribou!

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  1. Godly attitudes & Godly integrity will be well rewarded now & in Eternity! Am so glad the Goverment Officials also showed great integrity too. Just think how this affects the youngest hunter; integrity modeled by a Godly father and Godly adult men! PTL!!!!!!!!