Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Dress has Emerged!

My curly headed angel...

Can I get up now?

This old steamer trunk is cold!
How does something just emerge anyway?  I finished sewing this dress today.  It took time, effort and planning to get the job done.  Several months ago I took all the girls to the fabric store and they each chose their own fabric.   By the time we washed and ironed the fabric, another week had already passed.  Then, we had to cut the pieces out one evening, several weeks later.  Then more weeks past until we had time to sew and then as usual, right near the very end it had to be put down and was finally finished in about 10 minutes today and happily received by this anxiously awaiting little girl! 

Nothing emerges.  Everything created takes a creator.  End of story.  What's so hard to understand about this?  That it took six days instead of months or years or billions of years?  What's the difference?  Do we believe the Bible or not?  The world is an amazing, beautiful place, created by God and for God and we're in on it!  We are part of the plan!  The last 10 minutes of dress making were the best because I was nearing the finish line.  It was also the hardest to complete because other things kept competing for my time.  I think we're in the last ten minutes, so to speak.  God's coming back just like he said and we're nearing the finish line.  Let's not get sidetracked!  Things don't emerge.  They've always been here, they're just being discovered and it's really exciting! 


  1. I love that dress!! I love how you always add a little something, like that strip of lace. It looks so pretty!!

  2. Amen to Des's comment and I love how you see and share beyond the physical! Yes, the LORD is comming soon AND we'll see abd be clothed with special new garments too!