Saturday, August 6, 2011

The 80th Tanana Valley State Fair

There really are flowers in Alaska!

Rocket viewing with Donna...

Blast off!

Little boys chasing rockets!

Does he breathe real fire?

Look at his mouth, I'm sure he does.

Baby cow getting a taste of baby's shoe..

Love my babies: watching them grow and watching them watch...

Checking out the rabbits

Super Boy-Man
We had a great time at the fair.  We were there six hours from 11:00 in the morning until 5:00pm.  We took Donna, the CEF field worker in the Fairbanks area.  She has become a dear friend and has been a real encouragement to us.  I must now boast that my children were so fun to be around for six hours at the fair, including during nap time with a tired 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old!  I love my kids!  They're so awesome that they rarely complain and don't whine and pout and rarely show bad attitudes about not getting to ride on rides the entire day... seriously, you may not believe me, but I now have proof in Donna as my witness!

I didn't have to give out any discipline for six hours because all the training is or was done at home.  They were all such a joy to be around, even when a couple times my three year old thought about having a melt down but decided to run a few steps to test my will instead.  All she got was a firm verbal reminder of how she needed to stay close to mama so mama wouldn't lose her in all those people and a big smile on mama's face to prove it!  It also helped that we hadn't got to go on any rides by the time 4:00 passed. 

So it was off to the ferris wheel before my little ones feel asleep... on the way, the baby did.   My oldest boy chose the laying down, fly away wheel and my girls chose the upright ferris wheel.  One ride was all they got and so many to choose from.  They were happy and thankful and so was I to have such grateful kids!  I treated them to some cotton candy on the way out and I must admit I didn't let them eat it until they were buckled in their seats for the trip home!  A three-year old does have her limits! 

We had a picnic lunch and watched animals and looked at exhibits and had such a pleasant time.   Now I'll give you some more details such as it was probably 59 or 60 degrees out with a chilly wind.  My three year old wiped out in the dusty gravel on the way in.  There was no change table in the entire park.  Daddy was supposed to meet us there but couldn't as his boss had more work for him.  The rides were much more expensive than we realized and for all my children to go once on one ride it cost $20.00.  So you see, so much would've been complained about or felt sorry for, or disappointed in, but choices were made to have a great time with great attitudes.  You can't force someone to have a good attitude.  It's their own choice!  It can be modeled and taught that it is a choice, not a feeling!  Teach your kids to make good choices in their attitudes and leave the choices about other issues to yourself, as the God given parent to your child.  Be ware of the worldly philosophy that teaches every decision should be made by the child and only gives license for a pout and moodiness when things don't go their way. 

I had a great time and so did my kids and our guest.  Praise be to God for his infinite wisdom including the teaching and training up of our precious children.

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  1. AMEN! Well said! And I know as I have witnessed their training and the fruit it gives! Praise to the LORD!