Friday, July 22, 2011

Wild Insects of Alaska

Holding on for dear life!

 The kids found this caterpillar at the start of the cocoon making stage....  it was still wriggling a bit and there were bits of its hair spun in with the silky strands of ..... thread?  What do they call it? 

Nice little green inch worm.

You are so beautiful!

In the midst of our morning chores, someone ran through the house at high speed hollering they'd found a cocoon!  It was all a blur but I remember dropping the dish towel and ran too... The excitement of children upon discovering a new creature, not made in the image of God, but made by him was contagious.  In the space of a few minutes, they spotted spiders, an inch worm and other such wild insects, including the famous Alaskan mosquito, of which aren't too bad this time of year. 

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