Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hanging the Laundry Twice

I like this photo because I look half my true clothing size.  Ha Ha

Someone is less than thrilled at helping pull the entire line in order to reattach it.  (Which didn't work, by the way, even with numerous attempts and possibly a pulled shoulder joint.)

Why would anyone have to hang the same laundry twice?  Someone who buys a 100 foot laundry rope.  The hook that the rope was attached to pulled right out of the side of the cabin.  Actually, I think the metal shaft sheared off from the weight of the line.  The line worked fine the whole week previous and only decided to snap on our first day of 5-day club. I was trying to cram several days of preparation into one morning, as usaul.  It sure helps to cure a perfectionist nature.  The second time the clothes went up, I didn't really care how they got pinned up.  My children were helping, bless their little hands.  I had a great laugh about all the funny ways they reattached the wet clothes!  Clothes really do dry no matter which way they are hung.

Miss "Kicker Legs" taking laundry down at the tender age of 3!

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