Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weevils in the Noodles

Sorry, no picture because the worm either crawled back into my bowl of noodles or fell back in... 

We'd been up since 6:00am and had worked most of the morning and were good and hungry by 11:00.  I even fried up hamburger as a nice addition.  After finishing most of my bowl I noticed the weevil floating around in my broth!  Suddenly I no longer had an appetite.  What's worse is that my three-year old had already polished off her bowl and my 18 month old was done as well.  When the older kids came in from their bike ride I told them about the weevil I found.  Some chose to eat peanut butter and jam on tortillas and of course, my 12 year old boy decides to eat the weevil soup! 

However disgusting this story started, it does have a good ending: my appetite suddenly returned upon noticing the rest of my chocolate bar leftover from the evening before... it never looked so good!

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