Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Stemmed Roses in Alaska?

 My husband brought these home for our 14th Wedding Anniversary!  I'm not sure what happened to all my flower vases... but I found this pickle jar and it was just as beautiful.
"Long stemmed" Fireweed in our side yard.  Who needs or wants to mow with these beauties growing?  We don't even have a mower.  We trim with a weed eater as needed.  Notice the old Bronco in the back right hand side of picture?  It came with the cabin along with an old ski-do, some garage doors, and various piles of junk laying around the property along with dumped household garbage piles here and there.  I'm told that these are just typical, "Lawn Ornaments" of normal Alaskan life.  Nothing to Worry About....minus the household garbage,  that is. 

Speaking of garbage, there is no garbage service.  They have what they call, "Transfer Stations," located strategically throughout the city of Fairbanks.  I'll post some pictures someday of the place.  People take their trash here and can put things under a canopy on tables if there's still some life left in the item and anyone can come and take it.  They also have, "dumpster diving," which is also legal and people are always digging around or just waiting for a new pickup load to come in and take a peek.  I even find myself craning my neck to see what the next person is bringing in!  It's sort of fun in a strange sort of way.  The locals call it the, "Mall." 

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