Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Hike in the Woods

We're lost!  Which way do we go?

I'll lead the way! 
I'll slay the giants! or bears or moose...

Beautiful blooms among a meadow of horsetail

Wild roses abound

Mama captured a baby ewok

Daddy did too!
We put our various work projects down for the afternoon and went on a walk, exploring our own 2 little acres.  We are finding that there will always be work for which we are truly thankful for... but unless we set it down to go play, we'll never go play.  So it's off through the woods we go.  We found lots of unripe currants as the children do attest by much spitting.  We found some unripe cranberries and another light orange berry called "I can't remember" because my berry book is missing from off the shelf....

While looking for my berry book I was able to identify another strange looking plant called a, "Coltsfoot."  "Son before Father" is another of its nicknames because the flowers often appear before the leaves develop.  I know a son who came before his Father too, riding on a colt.  I look forward to His return soon someday! 

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  1. I wish we had some hiking like that in our backyard!! Liking the blog thing, keep up the good work!