Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Bathroom?

 Notice the lovely outhouse in the background?  "If you build an outhouse with an add-on, you might be a red neck."   Come to think of it, there's a lot of redneck jokes around our place except that we don't drink beer.

 This is the porch that one of our girls stood on face to face with a moose!  It stood in the snow at the bottom of the steps which is about  a 3 foot drop.  This door is opening into our kitchen which is very modern, but not always....When we first moved in it was the old garage that someone had converted to a room.  Our first kitchen was in the living room.  We hauled water in big blue containers and dumped it outside in the bushes.  I cooked off a propane camp stove and served dinner on an old desk.  I'll try to dig up some pictures of that, but perhaps it's a bit soon in my memory to really want to look at them...  I'll post some before and after shots of things that have been repaired, or at least half way repaired...

 This is the bath tub I shed tears over because it just wasn't what I expected but it works!  Notice the plywood and 2X4 structure underneath and the piece of wood that the facets are mounted on?  It's off the floor several feet in order that our plumbing, what little there is, stays thawed during the winter.  The coldest temperature we ever bathed in was 54 degrees, Fahrenheit.  We do have a couple gallon shower bag that doesn't show in the picture.  I've blessed my youngest brother Rainy over and over for that birthday present!
 Some more plumbing photos... My frustration at my husband has indeed turned into pride that he is figuring all this out!  Here's the hot water tank, pressure tank and pump so that our water can make it into the house and a little heat tape on the outside of the cabin to make sure it comes in liquid form!
The old water tank coming out of the bathroom wall by osmosis.   Actually, it just emerged one day... being a common word I hear anymore when referencing evolution.  But don't get me started! It didn't emerge, it was moved here by a lot of huffing and puffing.

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  1. A lot of those redneck jokes can apply to missionaries doing their best to survive in rugged environments. Looks like you guys have had it rough, but have already learned a lot!