Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bucket Bread and Dishes too

 Stiring a batch of "bucket bread" in our moderen very convenient kitchen. If we run out, we eat Saltine crackers before buying store bought bread.
Doing dishes again and again and again.  I have several organic dishwashers and they do a great job!

I really do have an awesome kitchen.  The shelves were made by my husband after the store bought cupboard fell off the wall.  I came away with the tinest of all scratches of course but had to make a big deal out of nearly missing my 36th birthday.  Moral of the story is to make sure you hit the studs!  The piece of counter top on the left was taken from the trash.  The pot rack above it was an old coat hanging rack of sorts. 

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  1. I've shared your Bucket Bread with others AND now I make it too!It"s Sooooo versatile! We made a pizza tonight using the the bucket bread dough. Grandpa says it's the best pizza he's ever eaten and it had no meat on it!!!! Just veggies, mild chilies and cheese!