Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ironically, I've never been without something to say until now.  Where do I start with all the happenings of this team called family....  Laughter being the best medicine, I'll start there.  A picture of our school bus, nicknamed, "Big Blue" should generate some chuckles.  Except that I don't know how to post pictures yet so you'll just have to imagine what it looks like until then.  Are there any rules for writing on a blog?  Honestly, I have no idea where to begin. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)  There's a start.  Thousands of years later, God knit me together in my mother's womb and 36 years later, here I am as well as my entire family, living in a log cabin on a couple acres in Alaska.  We didn't know what we'd find when we chose to move, but loaded everything into a bus and were homeless in Fairbanks for about 3 weeks.  We lived at a campground and hiked at least a quarter mile to the bathrooms and showers whenever the need arose.  (This accomplished with an eleven, nine, seven, two and 6-month old baby in tow.) That could be a whole other story!  I either can't remember or choose to forget sometimes why we purchased a log cabin with no water or sewer... at least we have electricity and a diesel heater.  We did get a water holding tank installed shortly after Thanksgiving and a little over a month ago we put in a real washing machine.  A fellow Alaskan told me I was lucky!  I told her I was blessed, not lucky.  Mom always told me that luck was from Lucifer.  He can keep it all, whether it be good or bad!   I'll take God's blessings any day, even in the form of some painful discipline such as the repairing of a trashed, dry cabin in Alaska.  Well, signing off, at least it's a start and a way to keep all of you informed and up to date with pictures and hopefully some laughs along the way.

Hold On!  I found the insert image button! What if I lose this post?  Better just post and do pictures another day.

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  1. How about luck being:
    L - Lord's
    U - Unconditional
    C - Care
    K - Keeping