Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blankie Trauma

Give it to me now!  I don't WANT to wait for it to dry!

 This dragonfly landed on Daddy's back for a minute and we got two snapshots before it flew off!

Is he really hanging laundry or just posing here with a dragonfly on his back?  Real men hang laundry too, at least a couple baby blankets, once a summer, that is, ha ha! 

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  1. I can't help remembering Rainy when he was small also. His "Mousey" was hanging on the clothesline to dry. I hung it by it's big grey mouse ears with it's long tail streaming down. Little Rainy wailed; he saw "Mousey" on that clothesline and pulled "Mousey's" tail. Yep, the tail pulled off causing one little boy to wail! His mama had to do immediate emergency surgery and mouse and tail were sucessfully joined! (and that little boy is your Uncle!)