Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Cook with a Blow Dryer

Melting butter without a microwave...

It really works! It was his idea!

Twelve year old makes rhubarb pie!
 I found a recipe in an old book that called for mixing sugar, an egg, some flour and some butter into a paste and then spreading it over the top of cut rhubarb.  It was the richest, best tasting rhubarb pie we ever ate!
From stalk to table in 24 hours!
Yesterday my boy made his first pie, start to finish. The day before, he cut a bunch of stalks down from an abandoned couple of bushes in the back of the CEF office's yard.  He whipped out his handy dandy buck knife and made short work of the harvesting process. 

Notice the candle to the right of the pie?  He also made this a few years ago from our unity candle leftover from our wedding.  It had partially melted in the hot attic so he asked for it and melted it down, minus the decorations, of course.  He poured it into this old chicken tin with a piece of wick.  What a creative bunch of children we have.  They never cease to amaze me.  

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  1. Good Job, Treston! Too bad Grandma can't taste it. Grandpa said it looks delicious!