Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Sled Dog and a Wheelbarrow

 Taking a stroll down our "Street" to collect gigantic rocks for landscaping;  you know, the ones you pay for by the pound down there, or "outside" as the Alaskans call anyone out of their state. We hooked hound dog up to the wheelbarrow and said "mush" and "ho" and away he went and so did the wheelbarrow on its side.  Thankfully it tipped before the baby took his ride.  You'll notice how well trained our dog is, chewing on his leash and all.  That was a hard thing to teach him.

 "Giddy up!  Let's go!  Faster, faster already."  All I could think of was, what if a rock pinches his finger?  Don't worry, the rocks never pinched him, they were much to heavy to move.

 Enjoying the view of the rocks final resting places as soon they will be covered in beautiful white cold stuff otherwise known as snow.  I'm sure glad I like snow.
 Our summer outhouse and gardens.... we thought it added to the landscape.

Daddy's latest project, among several thousand, replacing the front steps with rot free wood and hoping they don't sink with the rise and fall of melting permafrost. 

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  1. Grandma misses you all and "the midnight Sun!" Your pictures bring back wonderful memories with you all!