Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea Party with Mud and Daddy

 Daddy really is a gentleman!
 An old electrical spool makes for an elegant garden party, complete with mud pies and paintbrushes!Take note of the raised bed in the background...  it will be a future garden.  The midnight sun up here causes things to grow really fast and really tall and I've been harvesting and eating green weeds such as lambs quarter and chickweed. 

 Can you believe "Sticky Tack" spread mud on her face just for this photo?  What a country girl!

 Can you believe my son has spent hours digging this hole in the bog/mud?  Wild cranberries grow on our property, seriously!  The ground was so unstable here, he could jump on top and the surface of the mud down in the hole rippled.

Nothing better to pound than a pile of mud!


  1. I'm testing to see if it will allow comments yet.

  2. Hi Des and Jeannie!! This is so exciting to get to see your family:):) What BEAUTIFUL children you have!! And Alaska looks so pretty too!! Sending hugs from Manitoba all the way to Alaska:)