Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arctic Hares for Josiah

We have several bunnies hopping around our property.  We haven't seen to many since we have a dog but every once in awhile we'll catch a glimpse...
Artic Hare in May 2011

Look how long its legs are!

Can you find where the bunny is hiding?

Arctic Hare in April 2011 
Look how white his fur is!

Is this bunny evolving or is his fur just changing with the passing seasons, much like the leaves changing on a tree?  God has created this bunny to adapt to the cold, harsh winter of Alaska's interior.  We have neighbors that keep their horses out all winter!  The horse's fur coats become thick when it gets cold also, but they don't really change color.  Do you grow fur for winter?  Of course not, you're not an animal.  You are a human.  I'm glad God created you and I'm glad you are my nephew.   Here's a link that you can click on to see more of God's creatures and fun facts about them.

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