Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why did the moose cross the road?

Why did the Moose cross the road?.
Does anyone have an answer for this?  Leave me a note in the comments if you do...  The only thing we could think of was that the fireweed is more purple on the other side?

On our way to friends house this moose trotted across the road in front of us.  We spent a long weekend visiting friends and helping out with their building projects.... Building Alaskan Home from Scratch
This is NOT our friends home from scratch....
This is our friends other work project....  they were able to jointly acquire the above home after it sat some time vacant.  The previous owners built it and the roof caved in under the snow load not to mention a whole lot of other things that went wrong... you can read about it here Collapse of Alaskan Home 

As we hiked around it and through it looking at all the debris I couldn't help but think of the Bible verse about a "House divided will not stand."  The mother had left in a hurry with her children, there was still a jar of peanut butter on the counter and dishes in the sink.  All her household food storage sat in containers on shelves and their food supply for a year remained. 

Videos, books, kids drawings lay strewn about, including photo's, clothes, toiletries, dishes, and games.  It was so eerie to realize that everything we lay up for ourselves is just that.  It's just stuff.  It's also who we are and who we aspire to be.  BUT  we do leave it all behind.  This mother just had enough one day and walked away from it all.

It is sad but understandable.  Sometimes we can build empires around ourselves.... we have some great ideals and wonderful aspirations.  However, our dreams can also lead us astray.  Leading self sufficient lives can be lonely.  We can do it all and be left feeling very empty.  There is no such thing as perfect living and we were meant to live together, in fellowship with the body of Jesus Christ, his Church.  So, let's remember in this day and age to get together and help one another, encourage one another, and hold one another up in prayer, all the more as we see the Day approaching of the Lord's return.

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  1. Cute about the moose :) And thank you for sharing this encouraging message on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We need to lay up our treasures in heaven... I hope you have had a lovely summer Jeannie!