Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Building a Home from Scratch: Alaskan style

The wood mizer.... a tool you can't live without
Two weekends ago we drove down to Tok to help some friends out with their incredible adventure, milling their own lumber to build their own home, on their property, debt free.  What an undertaking!  You could read more about it here at their blog:
The inside of the soon to be living quarters....
One more truss down, a lot to go...
Adding to the stack of handmade trusses...
Outdoor kitchen, sleeping quarters, and home storage...
PE Class in session...

Low bush cranberries... good for eating
The children spent time picking cranberries and all though small, they all added up to fill a gallon size ziploc bag!
Pile of dirt... good for sliding down

Amazing Mother... good for changing the world, one soul at a time!

Two peas in a pod enjoying one another's company
Yes, that gun does have an orange tip and it is plastic.  What fun we all had working, visiting and playing together that weekend.  What good memories everyone made and what a blessing friends from the Lord truly are!

We spent time picking cranberries right out of the peat moss forest.  We hunted for beautiful rocks and made smore's around the campfire.  We discussed home school ideas, plans, books, and got to look at some beautiful educational games from "Simply Fun."  If you're interested go to the above site link, Alaskan Blessings, and she's got a place you can take a look.   They are very high quality, sturdy games, made to last a lot of little hands playing.  I am looking forward to hosting a party.

It was so nice to get away and have a working camping vacation,  good food, listening ears, and happy but Oh so dirty bunch of kids!

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