Sunday, September 6, 2015

Color Me Birch Beautiful

Looking up hill towards the greenhouse...

Yellow leaved splendor...

Breathtaking, golden and lacy delicate

Our mini mountain view framed by birches...

Our trusty watchdog gazing out on yon birch forest..
I tried to capture the beauty of this birch wood forest that surrounds our home.  Impossible.  It was a perfectly cool and crisp day; the warmth of golden sunshine streaming through the trees.... I silently walked snapping a multitude of pictures. 

I worshipped my Creator who designed such splendor and beauty.  He is amazing.  The depth and layers and colors are beyond describing.  When the breezes gently swirled, the leaves fluttered upon the rocky driveway. 

I tried to remember the science behind why and how leaves change color but somehow it didn't matter anymore.  I didn't care as I was lost in this breathtaking beauty all around me. 

The moment is gone, it is now dark and late and my memory fails me once more... but the questions and curiosity remain... we will read and learn again about the amazing transformation of plants and animals when undergoing a seasonal change. 

There's a time for research and there's a time for rest.  I'm so glad there's time for both.
Moose Hunting Territory...


  1. Those pictures make me wish I had time to paint a picture. I've always wanted to paint a pictures with just birch trees! - Des

  2. It is beautiful! So happy to see where you are living. <3 <3