Friday, August 28, 2015

Old Plastic Bags: New Cushions

First, put on your safety glasses..
Even a 2-year old can learn to use tools!
 I was inspired by another blog author who had used old plastic grocery bags to stuff an outdoor cushion.... I am sorry that I can't remember where I'd read it. 

And when they're 16, they'll be a pro!
 You can see that we just pushed lots of sacks into one sack and tied it off.  Then we kind of shaped and pushed and fluffed it until it looked like a circular cushion.  Sacks are free, foam is expensive.  We saved a lot and made some good memories too. 
We also covered the fabric with a medium weight vinyl for easy clean up.  If I'd done that with the first stools, I wouldn't have been recovering for the 2nd time!
Pounding in a few stubborn staples...

Beautiful new cushions!
I love the fabric of the old ones... but so full of leftover meals and an accident... or two
My newly organized craft and school supplies location...

My second grader enjoying a stamp project...
This was a fun project for several different age groups.  This is my biggest challenge as a Mother... learning how to shift gears between the different levels.  When I do a project, I try to include some or all of them in some way, allowing them to work on a skill suited to their level.

So for this project, my 7 year old pulled staples with several different tools while her 2 year old sister, with my supervision, thumb printed a little girl with stamps.  I let her cut a little piece of scrap fabric for the dress.  Little ones just want to be in on the action and feel apart of a project even if it's not directly related.  BUT... she wanted to pull staples like big sister so I let her climb up and try out all the tools.  I named each one and she repeated after me, so much for shapes, those are rather boring compared to real tools! 

She actually squealed with delight when she was able to work a loose one out.  Then my oldest boy stapled while I pulled the fabric and vinyl tight, as well as screwed the stool top back together.  Everyone visited, laughed and had a good time, pretty good for a teenager, a grade schooler and a toddler.  I felt successful that afternoon.... now pick another afternoon.... maybe not so much depending on who's had a melt down or what manner of mess or messes have been left behind...

I enjoy the challenge and making memories with purpose, not just entertainment.  We're so entertainment driven as a society that I find myself purposefully saying no to a movie or computer game in lieu of a work or art project.  Everyone seems happier and more fulfilled to be creatively engaged in this manner.

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