Sunday, September 6, 2015

Many Hands Make Light Work

Bringing in the harvest...

Carrot anyone?
 Last week we drove out to help our friends with harvesting some of their garden and butchering 12 of their chickens.  They are real Alaskan homesteaders and have an amazing story of how they met and have worked their land.  They even have an underground barn for their goats.  They are producing an incredible amount of food off their land as well.

Dunk, dip, and throw on the Barbeque...
 Just a joke... the barbeque happened to be in the picture and was not really used at all that day. 
Biology class 101...

Homesteading Mama with an iron stomach...

Finally... the last chicken!
What a joy to be able to work and help one another out.  In return they filled up the back of our suburban with garden produce and fresh meat.  It was such a good experience for all of us to spend a day with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

When we get to know one another outside of the church setting it helps us to understand and appreciate one another.  It helps us to see what life is like in someone else's shoes.  It helps us to know how to uphold one another in prayer.  It builds friendships and makes memories and grows our faith in the Lord.  What a wonderful blessing to be part of the body of Jesus Christ here on earth!

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  1. "Many hands make much work light" was the thought that came to mind as I read your blog post. What a wonderful way to bless and be blessed! Your friend's garden looks amazing!