Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ode to Fireball

A rare quiet moment for "Fireball"
I went to the grocery store today with my 5 1/2 year old little boy, lovingly nicknamed "fireball".  I'd never considered the grocery store an adventurous place.... until today.  Sure glad I had on my high top leather hiking boots. Are "high tops" still a word today? 

Anyways,  it saved my ankle from being broken... just my calf was smashed, yes by the grocery cart driven by my dear boy.  The only thing I remember him saying after he rammed the back of my leg was, "THAT was scary." 

No, he didn't say "excuse me, I'm so sorry, are you O.K.?"  He didn't really even feel that bad about it... but he never did it again and the entire rest of the trip he insisted he be right beside me instead.  Safer for the both of us. 

It didn't stop him from doing wheelies, luckily BEFORE the eggs were put in.  It didn't stop him from swerving sideways, or skidding to a halt.  When he jerked the front to see what would happen and the only thing that fell were the bottles of milk, he was satisfied. 

I'm not sure why a little boy must know the answer to the law of "for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction."  BUT  he tests it everyday!  Surely once or twice is enough?

He is such a unique individual!  I love him for being him. 

I honestly had the most memorable and fun shopping trip of my life, ever, with this little boy of mine.  I'm beginning to understand that he's much happier being in charge of something, such as a grocery cart.  He enjoyed finding things to put in the cart to help me out. 

You might be wondering why I allowed him to push the cart in the first place?  I had wee little baby brother in my arms.  He doesn't like his car seat and rarely falls asleep in it.  So I explained to fireball that he had an important job to do and he did it.  I could tell he felt very proud to be depended upon in this way.

When we finally made it alive to the front of the checkout lane, he loaded up all my groceries without being asked twice and I had the nicest visit with a new Mom right behind me. 

Oh, I remember the days... looking back at those little baby pictures of my fireball, just tonight and realizing that I had NO IDEA what was coming.  How does God do it?  How is it possible to wrap up such might and power in a little package?

After my grocery trip adventure, we were driving home and out of the blue, fireball who's sitting right beside me in the front of the suburban says, "Mama.... you're a good Mama."  Oh, my heart sang!  No reward could have been sweeter. 

I'm learning to cherish each of my children for the way God created them.  He does have a plan, purpose and design in mind for them.  I'm his handpicked woman for the job.  As much as we feel like we fail and as many times as we feel successful, it comes with the job.  It means we're human and we're parents. 

"Fireball.... you're a good fireball and I love you." 

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