Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sock Sorting

Let's measure with Daddy's tape!

WOW, it's huge!

Reading numbers is fun!
Ever wonder how to make daily chores fun?  Wonder how to sneakily slip some school in when they don't know it?  Make a sock factory, give them a challenge with sorting and ask them to figure out who has the longest socks.    We had great fun examining how each of the socks were different and which ones belonged to whom and then began to measure as a review of counting forwards and backwards.

Yes, school is back in session in Alaska and never stops in this household.  We're always educating, even when we don't think so.  I have enjoyed gleaning from others, and using my creativity in thinking up ways to teach and engage my children.  As I read my Bible and pray each day I am always inspired by God in some new way.  His wisdom and creativity are endless.

We talk, work, and play together each day.  All nine of us now.  Most days are full to brimming with activity and industriousness.  Other days are full to the brimming with rest.... Sunday.  Sometimes we get sick, tired or lazy.  Even on those days, our brains do not hibernate.  They are always active, albeit possibly on screen saver. 

Those of you that have toddlers or pre-readers, take heart.  Turn your daily chores into sneaky teaching times...or make a game of it.  Enjoy one another and remember to laugh and smile.  Teaching at home does not look like school at the casual glance, but upon closer investigation one can see a lot of learning taking place. 

I've made a habit to validate my children's work and play as learning opportunities.  I use "table time" to practice letters and numbers, work in journals and math workbooks, and curl up on the couch to read.    Whenever you need a break or the kids need "calm down time," read.  It's better than computer games and videos.  Did I mention play dough?  Oh the blessings of glorious play dough!  It is a great activity for all ages and they seem to enjoy their time together as siblings, no matter how old they are.

There's a time and place for everything and different seasons of life.  Young children are precious and require most of our time and energy.  Older children are precious and require guidance.  It's work raising children but fulfilling and fruitful.  It can also be a great joy or a great pain depending on how you look at it all.  Building a family is an incredible undertaking, not for the faint of heart.

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