Saturday, August 8, 2015

Teens teaching V.B.S.

All eyes and ears at attention during VBS
 Our 3 oldest children took part in C.Y.I.A. training this summer at a camp in Willow, Alaska, for 8 days back in June.  They just finished teaching their first 5-day club yesterday.  Friendship Baptist Church of Fairbanks hosted a V.B.S. all week and allowed them to teach and lead along with the team leader and her daughter.

They did a great job and my little ones also attended a couple of the days.  All these children heard the gospel clearly presented. They were challenged with growing in their relationship with the Lord.  The series they taught is entitled, "Turned Around."  Each day was a lesson about someone in the Bible who was "turned around" by God:  Zacchaeus, Noah, Mephibosheth, Saul, and the Ethiopian. 

It is great training for the teens in learning how to effectively share their faith and build confidence in speaking in front of a group.  Also, many Christians come together representing several churches all for one common cause:  sharing the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I always experience sweet fellowship and come away encouraged meeting other Christians and hearing their testimonies and what the Lord is doing in their lives.

I really believe that being involved with the organization, C.E.F. is a great way for families to minister together.  There are so many different aspects of volunteering and different ways you can participate.  You can host, teach a club, pray, bake treats, pray, pray, pray, did I mention pray?

For the next 5 Sunday's our teens will also teach the younger children at Sunday school with the same material they've used at C.Y.I.A.  Starting in September they will also teach a Good News Club at the nearest local Elementary School once a week.  We did this last year at a school across town as a family and thoroughly enjoyed it.

How do you get involved?  Click on either of these links whether you're in Alaska or the lower 48 or other places around the world.CEF of Alaska  or CEF Home Page

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