Sunday, September 4, 2011

Four Wheeling Around

Can't wait to get my license, Dad!!!
I love this picture of my oldest daughter with her Daddy!  She's ready for the wild ride, He's cautious and careful and the two make a great team!  Each child has a special and unique relationship with their Daddy and Mommy.  We relate as a family, we relate as friends, we relate as co-heirs of eternal life, bonded equally in Christ Jesus, we relate as a team, we relate in a student/teacher way, we relate on so many levels and we are so thankful for this relationship business that God has put us in called FAMILY!
Time to break out the gas masks!
Faster, Daddy, faster!

My dream of ownership has finally come true!

Is the baby going to be safe?
I was finally talked into taking a little spin on the four wheeler too... I figured it wouldn't be dangerous as the baby would be riding too...

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  1. Great insight into relationships and wonderful pics as well!