Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Foam Fiassco

Girls out in the early morning gathering sticks for doll house furniture.

Well foamed dog house seam...
 Today, my oldest boy figured out a way to unclog a sealed can of spray foam and away he went, spraying to his heart's content.  What his heart didn't tell him, was what a mess it would be to clean up!  Great analogy of the temptation of disobeying God's rules... everything seems so fun and amazing and free until we realize the mess we have on our hands. 

My boy did get my permission to "work" on unclogging this can of spray foam.  I had no idea it would be so hard to get off!!!  He inserted the end of a white flag used to flag the warning perimeter of our underground electrical fence system for the dog, into the can's nozzle.  It worked fairly well until the last.  Somehow, the flag got foamed into the seam of the dog house.  We wondered why the dog was barking at his house!  He was confused.  Hopefully he won't notice it there when we flip right side up again.
Yep, still picking foam off my hands...

Leftover foam after picking it all off for over half and hour!

Same hands, a day earlier, finding a new and exciting way to color...

We have been reviewing books and preparing a history timeline this week in preparation for home school.  My oldest boy has never had much of an interest in coloring so when I found him coloring away with a tidbit of colored pencil in his leather men's tool I grabbed the camera!

Which hand should I use?  I'll stick to my left.

If I could just get a little closer....

Posing for the camera with a sweet smile
Our official school start date is Monday but we had to do some prep work this week.  I'm trying to remember that our home school is not going to look like any other.  I'm so glad we are doing year two of  "My Father's World."  The planning and scheduling is done for me.  All I have to do is figure out how to fit it all in!!!  I told my kids they are going to be self-starters simply by default! 

My ability to post daily will be gone.  I'll try to get on and do this once or twice a week.  It will probably be the weekends.  I need the motivation to stay on top of their school work and this will help!

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  1. WOW! I can't believe the leaves are turning to fall already but did notice the girls are wearing coats! I remember being in awe at how fast the leaves sprung out in Spring! Sugestion: always wear gloves for projects! Grandma cut her fingers twice this summer because I failed to wear gloves!!!!!!!