Thursday, September 8, 2011

Backyard Moose Sighting and Other Fall Colors

Can you find me?  My legs blend right in!

Morning sun rise over the outhouse...

Pre-washing the potatoes in a wheelbarrow...

The dog wants to help too!
Yesterday we dug more potatoes and got gold digging fever.  The dog joined in to and there was dirt flying everywhere!  We thought we might be able to train our hound to dig potatoes for a living and make himself useful other than barking an entire afternoon at the big bad moose in the bushes....

It was pretty exciting to see moose walking around in the trees.  There were two of them and the kids were worried that they would knock over their recently built wig wams.  I was worried about having let them play out there just yesterday!   But why worry about yesterday when there's enough in today?  Speaking of worries, we finished our first week of school today.  There were moments of fun and moments of, what are we doing!!!  The only difference between this school year and last school year, besides year two curriculum is that this year we have running water, a kitchen, a place to bathe and a place to do laundry and everyone has their own bedroom!  This is a huge plus compared with last year!  The drawback is that now baby only takes one nap instead of two, so it requires juggling of many activities and five active little souls and all the meals and chores between to get it all done.  For those of you that ask about prayer requests, this is number one as we begin to re learn discipline with our time and energy.  I want my children to be well educated in the truth and well disciplined in the mind and body.  I want them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind and love their neighbors, starting with each other as neighbors.  I want them to have a firm foundation built on the work of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Beyond this, the sky's the limit!  We've come so far and have learned so many things and yet there is so much more.... we need the wisdom and self discipline to know how much is enough and what things are worthy of our time and attention.  Living in this year, 2011, is wonderful but overwhelming.  The amount of stuff one can be involved in and the amount of information that can be learned is mind boggling!

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  1. Wow! Your potatoes did grow! Wow! They looked good considering they grow just inches away from permafrost!!!!! May the LORD equip you lavishly with His grace as you begin the new year schooling and tring to find the time, energy, patience and balanced attitudes in serving the LORD and meeting the family's needs!!!!