Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trees, Turkey Anatomy, Knitting, and Snakes...

Morning Sunrise

Can you find the arctic monkey?
 The big blackish pole to the left of the dog is our power pole.  It is crooked because of the heaving ground due to melting permafrost.  I asked the power company if they could do anything about it and the man who had come out to check for underground electrical lines said it didn't look too bad yet, but if we wanted to, we could dig it up ourselves and put it back straight because once it's in, they can't do anything to it.  I thought he was joking at first, but quickly realized he was completely serious!  So I try not to look at it, because seeing it crooked bothers me.  I'm sure it's not going anywhere anytime soon, but it's just the idea that it is not straight!
Climbing trees, one of my favorite pastimes...
Examining the chambers of a turkey heart

You may be wondering how we got a fresh turkey in the middle of February... we stored it out on the bus, along with all of the rest of our stored items.  It's like having a great big freezer!  Several days, last week it reached 33 degrees and things just started dripping.  We figured it was high time to clean out the bus of edible frozen food and a science lesson to boot!  The Internet provides valuable information for any number of home school projects.
Our first knitting lesson...
 The girls had so much fun learning how to knit with "Aunt Deb."  They've always wanted to learn and I was amazed at how quickly they picked it up.  Aunt Deb doesn't even have to look at her needles!  They move so fast!
Making snakes with sister "Nanny"

Helping big brother with the wood trim and my new hammer...
It's a joy to see the older children working and playing with the younger children.  Sometimes they are asked and sometimes they just want to be with one another because they really enjoy each other's company.  You can see this beautiful process of learning to teach and interact with people of all ages as they grow and mature.  It's such a natural process in a big family.  The big children are learning to care for little ones far before they are ever parents themselves.  They don't have the same responsibilities but can begin to learn cause and effect early on.  It's such a blessing to Daddy and I to see them interacting in such a loving and kind way day to day.

Everyone has their moments, don't get me wrong here, that it's always this peaceful and happy.  But usually, when things are running smoothly and people's needs are being met, our home is a happy place, if not a little bit noisy and messy at times.... O.K.  It's always messy.  If you compare my home to a picture perfect magazine home, that is.  If you compare it to a typical homeschooling, lots of children home, it's probably about average, minus a toilet.

These are happy golden days for us, with a few blow out moments along the way.  Hopefully the blow outs can be mended, people grow, mature, and learn to forgive and in the end, there's so much love left over for all of humanity, you just don't know where to put it all.  Life is good because we have Jesus Christ to teach us, love us, and stand in the gap for us.  Praise be to God for all his wonderful riches that he bestows daily to us, even the trials.

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