Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby Moose Smells the Roses...

I think I'll just take a peek in here....
 It's long legs are white from wading through the deep snow.  We have around 2 feet or so.
Mmmmm, could it be spring flowers already?

What a cruel joke, they're painted on!

Love this sunshine!

Aren't I cute?
We saw this baby moose wandering by our cabin today!  It was tiny.... in comparison to a full grown Mama.  It was so curious!  It smelled both of the painted blue flowers on the side of the shed.  I'm sure these moose must be really hungry about now!  Long winters, not a lot of greens....

What a blessing to be visited by such a cute curious animal.  We're almost getting used to these moose encounters.  We know they can be dangerous so the children stay inside and Mama snaps pictures from the deck.  Except when they come this close....

How close should I get?
When the moose came this close, I decided it was time to duck inside.

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