Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our First Party Club in Alaska

Everyone is listening intently...
We held our first official C.E.F. Valentine Party Club this evening in the big city of Fairbanks!A couple from our church graciously hosted the party in their upper floor condo.  They knew children in the neighborhood as well as parents and it was wonderful to see the work that God had already been doing there through this family. 

We had 12 children and 4 adults, including our family.  The lesson centered on God's gift of families and that, "As for God, His way is perfect."  Psalm 18:30  The lesson taught about the very first family that God ever made and how sin spoils our families.  It is still however, his perfect plan to have a Father and Mother and children. 

We talked about how God sent His son Jesus as a baby into a family as well.  Jesus understands what it's like to be in a family and wants us to be a part of His forever family, as the CEF text states. 

Daddy led the songs and games with help from the children.  I played on our borrowed keyboard while sitting on the lid of a bucket of Azure Wheat.  The hostesses little 2 year old came toddling over wanting to play so I scooped him up and let him accompany me!  It was great fun.  He loved it and did a great job "helping."

The kids loved the visuals, even when I showed one out of order!  No one said a thing. When I showed the first family visual, Elsie, our four year old, gasped, "They're skin is white!"  Needless to say, I quickly said, no we don't know what color their skin was.  There are so many colors and shades of skin in this world, no one could possibly know that detail except for God.  It was a great lead into why we have artists drawing pictures of Bible times and no photographs.  People, including children, want to know how we got the Bible. 

The children also noticed they were dressed in animal skins.  This lead to more discussion of why that was so.  These children are thirsty for the truth and they need to know what the Bible says.  It is so important to lay a foundation of truth on which children can build their life on.  They are not to young to know Jesus Christ as that foundation. 

Many children know a lot of facts about the Bible.  Are their deepest questions being heard and answered about life?  They do have them, even at tender ages.  Let's not brush our young children aside.  Let's delve into the Word of God with them and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us all together how to apply His truth into our hearts. 

CEF produces such fine visuals and Bible lessons.  It is a great way to disciple, evangelize, and encourage both children and their parents in your neighborhood or local school.  It's such a fun way to get to know other families and a great way for your children to learn to minister right along side of you as a parent.  It takes teamwork! 


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