Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picnic in the Snow!

Backyard hot dog roast in February at below freezing temperatures!

Many hands make light work...

Snug as a bug in a rug...

Hot dog anyone?

Help me up quick, the snow is cold!

Name this wild animal...
We had the funnest time at our friends house in Tok these past few days!  They built a fire in the back yard and had a full hot dog roast complete with chili, chips, carrots and ranch dip!  It felt like summer time, minus the green lawn of course.  The sun was out, the snow was sparkling and the kids eventually came in to warm their cold fingers.  It's kind of hard to eat a hot dog with snow mitts on. 

The little baby was napping completely warm and snugly out in the snow and woke up happy as a lark full of smiles when brought in.  Amazing isn't it?! 

P.S.  The wild animal is, "Nation", the family's beloved and very well behaved dog burrowing through the snow.

We had such a great time of encouragement while visiting in Tok.  Stretch and Sara were such an encouragement and joy to us as well as their two little boys.  We got to see the work of God through C.E.F. up close as we witnessed their various Good News Clubs in Tok and Tanacross.  They also had an awesome Awana Wed. night at their church.  We have so much more to blog but will finish later.  Just wanted to get these amazing picnic photos up. 

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  1. It looked like you had alot fun, too. My, my granddaughters looked so ooo elegant all dressed up!!