Monday, February 27, 2012

Alaska Public School Bible Clubs

A young Native American heading home from the Tanacross school parking lot.
 We smiled when we saw this four wheeler out front in the school parking lot.  We smiled even more when, after the Good News Club was over, a student from the school hopped on, started it up, and drove away.  

We toured this small Native American village and attended the Good News Club led by the teenagers of Faith Chapel in Tok, Alaska.  These teenagers have been taught by C.E.F. workers, Troy and Rita Able and Strech and Sara Blackard. 

A young man named Johnny attended C.Y.I.A. in Soldotna for the first time last year.  He taught the missionary story at this club and did a great job at remembering all the facts and kept all the kids attention.  I was so impressed.  It is amazing to see such a group of teenagers enjoying each other's company,working as a team, leading an entire 1 hour after school Bible club!  I will post more pictures of these clubs as I receive parents permission.  These teenagers are giving up their Wednesday afternoons and evenings, as well as Sunday evenings for practice in order to share the gospel with children.  They also lead them in memorizing Scripture and singing songs and playing lots of games to help get the wiggles out.  All the kids loved it!  All the teens loved it as well as the adult leaders looking on.
Arriving at Tanacross Public School with the teenagers, ready to teach.

Playing a giant game of tag at Tok Public School
 The tallest figure in the line of children playing tag is Pastor Troy.  It blessed us to see him running and playing with the children.  You can tell that he throughly enjoys these clubs and so do all the other people around him.  There was so much energy and excitement in this group of teens.
Teens continue to teach at Wed.night AWANA's program at their church.
 I wish you could of all been there to witness the fun and the clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ being shared by teenagers to public schooled children. It's legal! What a wonderful freedom we have in this country! May God bless America despite some of the recent laws that have passed in which we do not agree. May God have mercy on our country and give us much grace to continue to share the unfailing gospel of Jesus Christ whether people listen or not. May God bless Tok and these amazing teens and their leaders and the parents for raising such godly teens that care enough to share!

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