Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tis the Month for Moose!

Look at those children through the window!
I'm just a curious little baby moose...

Who's in back of me taking pictures, I wonder?

My, but these branches are good...

Look at the frost on my eyelashes, well, at least I think I have eyelashes,
 I could be wrong, but they sure look like that to me.

Am I related to the horse in any possible way?

The ever watchful eye of the Mama moose just across the way.
Can you believe it?!  Another mama and baby moose came by the cabin today!  They didn't stay near as long as the other week, but made their appearance none the less.  It's only minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit today and the sun is out!  We feel that spring is coming.... possibly not until the end of April, but after a lot of dark cold days it really does feel like spring, as crazy at that sounds.  I hope people are not getting tired of all these moose pictures....

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