Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Moose in our Front Yard!

Nothing like a crunchy twig in the middle of Winter... yum, yum
I'm just a baby moose looking for food.
I wish this dog would quit yapping at me.
I wish this moose would get out of my territory.
O.K.  You win.  You are just to big and don't even notice me!
Look at this fuzzy fur!

I'm going to lunge at the yapping dog in exactly 0.5 seconds...

Please don't go, don't you want to play?
We had quite the excitement today, with a baby moose in our yard!  They are the size of a horse even though they really are just a baby.  They are not afraid of anything, unlike deer.  We were out on the deck snapping pictures, hollering and whistling at our barking dog and the moose didn't even care.  It just kept on munching and meandering through our front and side yard and then out to the back forest.  It lunged twice at the dog out of annoyance, or at least it appeared that way to us.  The dog finally quit barking when he realized it wasn't  doing very much.  It's minus 18 F today and I was worried about the camera freezing up.  We snapped 50 some pictures and are just in awe of this creature that God made...

I was recently mocked about my beliefs in the Bible and the account of Noah's flood.  I'm getting used to being mocked, by the way, and it really isn't so bad.  I'm feeling a bit like that Baby Moose I guess.   I know how God made me and why He made me and I understand what my role in society is.  I don't have to fear the barking dogs...

Anyhow, back to the account of Noah:  As a creationist, I believe it was possible that all of the existing animals did fit on that ark.  Like kinds come from like kinds.  Anyone who has studied about the genetic code knows how much information and how many possible variations within like kinds exist!  It's amazing.  Just study this moose and tell me if you cannot help making comparisons to the horse or the donkey or other such creatures designed by the same Maker.  It's so incredible to realize that thousands of years ago during the flood of Noah, there in the animals of the ark, lay enough genetic information to produce all the variations and adaptions we see today. 

But don't get me started on this, I'll be typing all day.  Enjoy the moose pictures and bring your praises to the right place:  The Throne of God and the Creator of the Universe Himself.  Do you realize you have the ability through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross to be able to even come to God in this way?  Completely crazy to some, and wonderfully amazing to others!

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