Saturday, January 28, 2012

40 Below Wintertime Activities

Ready, aim, fire and watch out for the jumping dog!

Rubber bands, sticks and an arrow are all you need to make a crossbow.

Checking the tension...
What do people do at 40 below when outside activity is severely restricted?  They make things like crossbows and dig into the pot and pan cupboard of course!
Soup anyone?

Mama's cutie pie

Last night, upon turning my back in the kitchen for a brief few minutes, my two-year old had cleaned out the entire pot and pan cupboard! I had the best soup ladled into my hands and tasted quite a few wonderful entrees from such a wee one. Then big sister came in and they really went to town cooking up all sorts of lovely dishes. It enabled me to finish some kitchen chores, as well as being able to hand out two damp clothes in which to dust the crumbs out of the empty cupboard. They didn't even know they were working! This activity kept them busy for at least 30 minutes and when they were done, they put everything away neatly and clean to boot!

Preschoolers just need to be occupied. They really like to sort and clean.  We should make good use out of these curiosities and make some great memories while we're at it.
Trying on Arctic "bunny boots" for size
 The girls have recently decided to start a pillow making business.  They made a cart load of pillows in such a short amount of time, that we had to put a cap on the output!
How much more will fit?

I love sewing!
 Wintertime is the time we sew.  When I went up to the cabin loft I found all three girls busy.  The older two even had a place all set up for the youngest, who is now four.  She was busy poking stuffing in a pillowcase for them.  Everyone was happily creating in their free time.
Be careful with that socket Daddy!
Daddy and son, going about their typical after hour job of more remodeling.  Don't worry, this picture was posed.  A few minutes earlier, however, was another story.... I was in the kitchen and heard a loud thud.  Whenever I hear these noises and know my husband is working on something, I try to stay calm and then say, "Is everything all right?"  I judge by how he says, "Yep!"  If it sounds strained and airy I come running.  If it's spoken with the normal nonchalant and confident firmness I go about my business.   Nothing like a good dose of electricity to speed up the heart and finish the job.

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