Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mama Moose pays a Visit

Have you seen my baby moose?
 Yesterday we saw the baby, today my oldest son spotted what we're sure is the Mother.  You can tell  not only by the fact that she's more than twice the size of her baby, but she has no extra fuzzy fur on her neck.  Scroll down to see a closer picture of the hair tuft under her chin too.  The baby doesn't have this either.  It is so hard to capture the size of these magnificent animals.  I am more than twice the distance from her than I was from her baby yesterday so she doesn't really appear that big in comparison, but they stand as tall as a pickup truck.  They are as wide as a fat cow but taller like a horse.  The mother was much more wary than her baby.  She kept looking at us and didn't stay too long and really kept her distance from our property and dog.  There's a reason Mother's have earned the right to tell their children what to do... they have the experience of having lived life much longer and have seen the dangers they want to prevent in their own children's lives.  There's a great analogy here.
We're so glad we're this far away from the Mama Moose....

Look under my chin and you'll see a long tuft of hair.

What the rest of the children do when Mom's out hunting for moose pictures...

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