Friday, January 20, 2012

Third Day Baby and Mama Moose Out the Window!!!

Can you spot the two moose?
Mama wants to leave, baby is curious and wants to stay.
How tall can this moose reach?

9 feet into the branches where the moose was reaching to eat...

Measuring the clothes line at 5 feet...
 It's hard to capture the greatness and heigth of the moose.  We decided to go out and take measurements after they were gone.  This mama moose must have been over 7 feet tall!  The window of our cabin is not at ground level.  We are up about 5 or 6 feet off the ground on that side, so the clothesline and moose picture is taken at that angle.  It is just so amazing standing out there where that moose stood, realizing how big it was!  We were so excited we were shaking.  I could never be a hunter.  I would never be able to be still enough to take aim.  This is our third day in a row of having moose wander through our property!  They hang out for three or four days at a time when they pass through our neck of the woods.  We are so blessed to have seen and experienced this!
In my excitement to take pictures and chase moose, I can't find my other glove...

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