Thursday, February 12, 2015

Window Ice in 30 Below

 I was longing for some green and found all these items growing in the dark recesses of my cupboards and cellar.  They didn't start turning green until they were placed near the light.  What is amazing about these little plants is that they are not in the direct sunlight ever.  When I placed them we were down to about 4 hours of daylight.  We also just came through a week of -30F.  Check out the window ice!  How do they do it? 

A few weeks ago we took the onion and one of the potatoes to the Bible club so the children could see the tiny bits of new green life and the abundant onion.  It survived several foot stepping on episodes.  It released its wonderful aroma of onion juice and just kept on growing... to some the smell of death, and others, life!  I explained how every human being has the potential for a life giving relationship with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just like these dormant vegetables with no sign of growth, when one turns from a life of darkness and dares step into the light of Jesus, they begin to grow in their soul, deeply and inwardly the life of Christ. 
Here's a picture of one of our windows... the worst for ice growth.  Some of it will evaporate as the weather is now a little warmer.  We've been doing our laundry at one of the downtown mats because the place we're in has none.  I considered, for a second or two, doing it the true Alaskan way, with two 5 gallon buckets and a brand new toilet plunger, but..... with six loads or more a week, that was an easy decision.  This is one of the biggest things I am looking forward to in moving into our home next week: the ability to do laundry any day that I need too.


  1. What blessing you all are! Love your teaching on life! Love and hugs!

  2. What blessing you all are! Love your teaching on life! Love and hugs!